God protect us from War: amazing choral piece

God Protect Us From War
Shelter us, Almighty God,
protect us, fair God
from the feud-foal’s hoofs,
from the cloven feet of the war horse,
from the cutting iron,
from the blunt point of a sword,
from the mouth of a gun,
from long rifles,
from wide battlefields,
from grounds of manslaughter,
shelter us from roads of harm,
protect us from all evil!
Shelter us, Almighty God,
protect us, fair God!
– trans. Kaja Kappel

Psalm 140:1-2
“Rescue me, Lord, from evildoers;
 protect me from the violent,
 who devise evil plans in their hearts
 and stir up war every day.”

We pray this for all who are in war and suffer because of war. Rescue the victim, defeat the wicked, change hatred to peace, support the suffering, the displaced, the grieving. Establish justice, renew prosperity, send revival of truth, light, goodness and beauty. Break down walls, rebuild or build new bridges for the future. Grant greater wisdom from above to leaders and people. Establish your kingdom now on earth as it is in heaven. May your will be done in all things, with all people, in all places for the glory of God, through the power of the Spirit and in the way of Jesus. Amen


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