April 5, 2017 Eric Blauer

Is Diversity to Blame for Comic Books Sales Slumps?

Marvel executive says emphasis on diversity may have alienated readers. Comics studio’s vice president of sales tells summit that some stores say people ‘have had enough’ of new female and ethnic minority characters: read full article.

Personally I think it’s not diversity but a push back on yet another expression of the cultural revisionism going on these days. There’s an almost breathless need by progressive cultural elites and liberal agenda makers to redefine, dismember and deconstruct anything that hails from an era or ideology they want dismantled. Wonder Woman and Luke Cage and a host of other amazing characters came right out of the supposed rule and reign of the Patriarchy decades. I don’t have a problem with diverse or female characters, what I have a problem with is the forced indoctrination going on and then the bewailing that rises when it’s not profitable. If you shove your agenda down someone’s throat is it any wonder they gag? Many American’s are sick of demagoguery not diversity. How about writers and producers come up with original characters and plots instead of hijacking old, established and well loved ones? How about digging deep into the creative cosmos instead of dressing up traditional icons in the latest social construct of the day. The market isn’t hostage to the demands of the politically correct or the narratives of cultural conditioning. There is money to be made in originality, good stories and breaking fresh ground. Marvel needs revitalization but not by rebooting or retreading everything that has been successful.

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