April 24, 2017 Eric Blauer

In Celebration of Lesbian Love Affairs

If you are a fan of the BBC show Call The Midwife, you are aware that nestled within a wholesome, sometimes almost overly saccharine show, there’s a lesbian relationship storyline. Personally I think they have done a good job in telling the story from a historical viewpoint that helps people see the personal, cultural and religious issues that face gay people in the past and present.

There’s a lot of angles and issues one could write about concerning homsexuality and anyone who knows me, understands that I teach the bible from a traditional, conservative position that presents the original intent view from Genesis 1-3 and Jesus’s teaching on marriage in matthew 19. That position holds that the ideal, biblically informed marriage is between one biologically gender different man and woman for life.

But as a civil libertarian, I hold an American Founding Documents understanding of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Such a position means that I vote for equality of law and separation of state and church in matters of conscience, religious practice and teaching. I believe in an understanding of American life and law that doesn’t demand adherence to a religion or prohibit the practice of religion as long as such beliefs, values and practices are legal and humane.

I believe the underlying values of Western Civilization that promote liberty, equality and unified diversity promote values that are foundational to a healthy and free society. That means that I won’t agree or support many positions and practices that may be part of that society but I would rather be in a free society than one that demands and dictates what I can or cannot do in my private life or religious worship. I want government to sustain the historic institutions that strengthen our western society and I resist those who seek to undermine, deconstruct or sabotage it.

In light of those convictions, I can value and even celebrate from a position of liberty, the lesbian storyline in Call the Midwife because it’s a storyline that is permissible in a FREE society. Gay people can choose to love whoever they want and can even celebrate that love in the public square because Americans believe in liberty and justice for all. This is a religious and political distinction that I seriously think needs to be embraced more widely in a culture that has many elements both conservative/liberal and religious/secular that are working to undermine these core founding principles. This is a new growing culture war but it’s no longer between just conservatives and liberals now, it’s become more about freedom vs neo-fascism. It’s a dividing line between those who want to demand and dictate what other people do and those who want more liberty and personal responsibility. 

In the last episode I watched, this poem was recited by one of the older nurses to one of the grieving lovers who was saying goodbye to her girlfriend who was moving away to care for her ailing father. It was a tender and emotional moment that captured a meaningful expression of humanity. In a darkening world that is at each other’s throats at almost every point, it was refreshing to see a poetic attempt to bridge divides with compassion for another’s pain.

It’s True
by Federico Garcia Lorca

Ay, the pain it costs me
to love you as I love you!

For love of you, the air, it hurts,
and my heart,
and my hat, they hurt me.

Who would buy it from me,
this ribbon I am holding,
and this sadness of cotton,
white, for making handkerchiefs with?

Ay, the pain it costs me
to love you as I love you!

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