May 14, 2017 Eric Blauer

Mother’s Day and the Changing Culture

Thoughts I shared during the Mother’s Day portion of our Sunday service:

I am not sure what your ‘mother story’ is today. It may be a beautiful one or a tragic one. More than likely, it’s full of diverse chapters, some good, some crazy, some glorious, some ugly and a whole lot of the meaningful mundane. Whatever your journey has been, it has a place, a truth, and a purpose in the unfolding light of God’s love and plan for your life. 

That doesn’t mean that everything has been good, right or true in your story but it does mean that it is yours. We honor that story today no matter what it may look like, how close or far it may be from the perceived ideal. We are a people who have not arrived, will not deny and won’t denigrate the shared attempts to do the best we can in surviving and thriving with the cards we have been dealt. 

As Christians in America, this means we are in challenging and opportune times. We are seeing the harvest from decades of sowing in the previous generations…much has been amazing and some is absolutely horrific. Many competing worldviews are engaged in serious battle on the fronts in our culture. All are doubling down their efforts to redefine or return to a vision of a specific preferred human reality in matters of relationships, societal structures, sexuality, biology and even our communal history. We live in tumultuous times but God’s truth doesn’t change. Nevertheless…how we apply truth, speak of it, handle it and put it into practice in certain times, places and people often does. 

The home is one of the top frontlines in this conflict. As a people who are called to embody a faith that has roots in the past, is always active and prophetic in the present and faithful and true in the future we must be humbly vigilant. We bear the responsibility to honor, safeguard and pass on biblical truth and a Christ shaped spiritual reality that is historically shared as foundational and culturally relevant to the needs of the time. 

This means that in all the chaos of culture, we work to maintain a steady witness to the Divine Order of creation. Even the very term ‘Mother’s Day’ is questionable in certain circles for its gender specific exclusivity. Someone would have to have their head and heart buried in the sand not to see that the changes in our homes and lives are profound, sometimes confusing and often complicated. We are all having to adjust, realign, refocus, reclaim and recalibrate as we try to live out the truth of God and His will in the created order of life, family and community. 

That means there will always be multiple stories and realities co-existing and co-mingling in the gathered community of Jesus. The ideal is often at odds with the reality but that doesn’t mean we abandon the ideal, for it is the plumbline, the measuring stick of wisdom and folly, life and death. We work to pastorally tend to the actualities of the present while maintaining the prophetic possibilities of the future. 

Whatever your story is in this moment…is. 

It is your truth…but it may not be THE truth. 

In Christ, a maturing life is always unfolding in a journey of enlightenment, repentance, growth and change. 

That means that here in this gathered moment, we are tending a sacred vision of the created order as God intended for it to be. That always includes looking backwards…we need all the mirrors on the car. But it also demands heightened attention to the road in front of us as well. Navigating the way forward demands grace and humility as well as clear convictions and values on the point of the destination. We have a compass, even though the map is being redrawn and one would be a fool to forget that “here there be dragons’ living on the edges of a culture exploring the far edges of human experimentations. We have come along way from where we have been as a people. In many ways that is a good testimony and in others it’s a call to return to the way, truth and life of Jesus for our souls, families and churches. 

As a gathered people we recognize these tensions and we choose to stand together no matter our different stories: 

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn” -Rom. 12:15 

So Happy Mother’s Day to you all, no matter what that story may or may not fully be at this time. We still pause to witness and reflect on the beauty and gift of our Mothers and motherhood. 

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