June 12, 2017 Eric Blauer

Go Away: are we at the end of neighborliness?

I was walking in a nice neighborhood the other day and saw this sign. It stunned me a bit, such a blatant warning that this person wasn’t interested in meeting someone new. I thought it was a perfect example of what this elder was getting at in her article:

I Bake New Neighbors Bread To Welcome Them, And They Never Say Hello to Me Again

“I am glad I am this old so I don’t have to live in this cold, uncaring world for 50 more years. Many people appear to be shallow, immoral, intolerant, and hateful about their neighbor’s ideas about religion, politics, the color of their house, etc. I can’t believe these attitudes have taken root my lifetime, but they have. I have witnessed these changes. I am so devastated by these negative attitudes that it hurts my heart.”

Read the article and then share with me what you think. Why do you think things are the way they are or has your experience been different?

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