September 5, 2017 Eric Blauer

Stallion, Steer & Salmon: Prophetic Pictures & Promptings for Prayerful Pondering

This last month, the Lord has been bringing these images and thoughts to my mind and heart and they gradually wove together into some prophetic clarity, instructions and motivations.

Isaiah 63:13-14

“Where is the one who led them [the Israelites]  through the bottom of the sea? They were like fine stallions racing through the desert, never stumbling. As with cattle going down into a peaceful valley, the Spirit of the Lord gave them rest. You led your people, Lord, and gained a magnificent reputation.”

The Stallion and Steer are prophetic pictures of two counterbalancing realities some people are needing to focus upon to find greater balance and fruitfulness in this season.


Faithful and Fearless Stallions

In my spirit I sensed a growing awareness of some people needing a Stallion image and word to help them embrace a greater spirit of advancement, faith and fight. A word for those needing a gallop who have been walking or cantering but need a fresh empowerment to leap and charge. I also sensed a need for some to be infused with a godly rush of fearlessness, like a warhorse standing on it’s hind legs and letting out a bold snort of defiance. There was a regaining of wildness, unrestrained pursuit of the open spaces where there is no physical, mental or spiritual corrals. Wide open spaces, fresh pastures, unencumbered freedom.

May the Lord unleash a second wind of joy and power in your lives.

May He release the stallion pace with its wild advance, powerful stance, strong display of unyielding strength and passionate pursuit.

May your inner lives be flooded with the fresh energy and stamina of power and charge.

May faith fill your nostrils like the scent of war that pounds the ground with hooves unafraid!

May you be driven to places only the stallion could go, in the manner that only a warhorse of God could display.

Faithful and Hardworking Steer

I see a Steer image and message for others in this season. A call for those who have labored hard and faithfully to enter into a valley of rest, restoration, revitalization, renewal and rejoicing. A season of true replenishment, not just institutional or structural change but a real inward attainment of a resilience that is increasing not decreasing. Not an emotional or fleshy reprieve but a real impartation of something supernatural that provides true peace and release. There’s a shift of method and meaning happening and a ‘return to the barn’ kind of satisfaction settling into your mind and heart. A place of provision that all the labor has produced. A strength renewed not by quitting but through resting in the right way and the right time.

May the Lord cause you to meander meaningfully and help you discover how to rest.

The kind of rest that truly revitalizes, empowers and equips you to love who and where you are, and the person you are right now in life.

May His peaceful valleys be a restoration not a replacement of his good work and way in this season of life.

May you see the reward of the hard labor done in the previous seasons of ministry and mission.

May the strength and persistence of the beast of burden bear surprise, fruitfulness and laughter at the abundance longed for in the work of your head, heart and hands.

May the valley of peace open up before you in all the ways you are praying and working for peace.

May there be a slowing down that is sacred, a descent into a place of spirit that is unhurried, almost melodic in its mundanity but holy in its tempering of your soul.

May you be able to listen clearer with the blood pounding of activity calming and the return of prayerful surrender and awareness of undeserved but lovingly supplied, abundant grace.

May this be a season of descent into the valley enjoyed with the knowledge of fields cleared, plowed and seeded, now water for thirst, food for replenishment,

good sleep and a deep inner contentment of rest after good labor.


Faithful and Fertile Salmon

Ezekiel 47:6-12

6 Son of man, have you seen anything like this? Then my guide brought me back to the river’s edge. When we got back there, I looked and saw orchards along both sides of the river. This river flows eastward and runs down into the Jordan Valley to the place where it flows into the Dead Sea. The moment it meets the sea, the salty water becomes fresh. Swarms of creatures will flourish wherever this river flows. Schools of fish will swim through currents of fresh water, for wherever this water flows everything will come alive! From Engedi to Eneglaim, fishermen will stand upon the shore and spread out their nets! They will come there because the waters contain many fish of various kinds, just as the Mediterranean Sea does. However, the swamps and marshes won’t become fresh; these will continue to provide salt. All kinds of trees will flourish along both sides of the river. Their leaves won’t wither, and their fruit won’t fail. Every month they will bear a fresh crop of fruit because they are nourished from the water that flows from the temple sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves will be for healing.

A great rush of strength to take you to a place to spawn. Throw yourselves upon the rocks, waves and tide. To some your wildness seems like mindlessness but it is not. Your uncontrollable drive is God given instinct to get to a place where you can give of yourself in a manner that will perpetuate life, legacy and lasting influence.

I see a swirling pool of fertility, possibilities, perpetuity. Swimming against the stream, a battle with boulders, moving past obstacles, your drive will defeat the distance between you and the goal. You must be prepared to avoid the predators in place, waiting to snatch you in your pregnant state. People, places and perspectives that are dangerous to the season of spawning upon you. These catchers and consumers will seek to drain you of all your inner faith and courage.

For some of you the desire to eat has subsided, you’ve misread this as a sign of death, and yet, it is the very sign that something is about to come alive. Like the salmon of the sea, who stops eating just as they are begin their arduous journey up to the head waters, so you are being drawn to spawn. Some here have imagined that since you have already made the trek, spawned and feel weak and wasted by the whole cycle of life, that now is the time to die. But the Spirit life within you is pulsating with a fresh desire to return to the sea…again. A return that will end in a season of feasting and replenishment that will result in the build up again of yet another life defying return upstream, to spawn again.

Some of you are leaving, some are returning, some are hatching and others are dying. There is a grace for your cycle of life, but it is a supernatural grace, that often contradicts nature, so don’t look with your natural eyes and don’t determine things by the natural condition of your body, look in faith, listen in faith and journey in faith.

Some of you are caught between swimming to the sea and staying where you were spawned. In nature such a moment is pictured by the salmon going downstream, faced upstream. This is a may be a very disorienting time for you in your inner life. A space of confusion when where you have been, no longer fits who you are becoming. You sense a deep dissonance within yourself that you have misread as something to fight against, when in reality it is the process that will end up carrying you to the sea.

There will be a turning happening in emerging seasons that will reorient you to face downstream. Then a fresh momentum will overtake you. You will enter a new flow, a energized movement that will take less but take you farther than ever before. All of the currents of life both within and without will unite to carry you forward into a greater expanse of resources, freedom and maturing joy.


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