September 11, 2017 Eric Blauer

Why I Will Never Forget

Unfortunately #neverfoget has become #neverspeakaboutit in this hyper-knee jerk politically suffocated culture. Meaningful memorial and reasoned, vigilant, preparedness against declared and determined enemies will be dismissed with pollyanna pontifications. 

Today will be full of virtue signaling but every potentially important conversation or cultural critiques will be preempted with a dense, safe space defensive line. 

I imagine 9/11 will eventually be driven out of new amerika’s memory by deniers and denounces just like the revolutionary war, civil war, WW2 and the holocaust are being reimagined, redefined or renounced. 

But I will never forget that day or the months after…what I saw, heard, felt and prayed. I also won’t forget all the blood shed, lives lost, sacrifices made and heroes born. 

I also won’t forget we are still at war and not forgetting means we don’t forget those who still face the realities of Islamic terrorism everyday. 

I also won’t forget the power of love, forgiveness and mercy that turned Germany and Japan into American allies. Old America was rooted in faith and values that turned horrors into hope. 

I won’t forget…even if that act of patriotism and protest is becoming more and more vilified. Memorials are meant to reflect and remind us of what happened, why it took place, where we succeed and failed in response and how to face the future more wise and prepared because of it all and that is why…I will never forget.

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Eric Blauer I am barbarian, sage, saint, bard, husband and father. Bow my knee to only One, serve all, ruled by none.

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