October 3, 2017 Eric Blauer

Odin’s Eye

Odin’s Eye
by eric blauer 10.3.17
Last night,
after talking to you,
yet again…I wept.
like crows,
gathered above my heart.
Their twitching, golden eyes,
saw my fears openly,
pecked at my scars,
dug into my wounds,
exposing memories.
A Van Gogh slain in the streets of Amsterdam,
high school halls filled with the dead,
lady Liberty’s towers falling in fire and ash,
theaters of gunfire echoing from Colorado.
Elementary playgrounds of unimaginable horror,
nightclub music silenced in blood and tears.
Norwegian summer camp butchering,
Paris brought to her knees,
Iraq in rubble, her teashops blown open,
by the breath of Apollyon.
Fort Hood.
San Francisco,
beheadings, shootings, burnings and drownings,
blood trails behind the horses of the apocalypse.
I am father,
protector, provider, way maker,
and yet,
how many demons can I swallow for you?
Two generations born,
and still the fires of gehenna
At the well of wisdom, I sit,
Odin’s eye staring back at me in the depths,
what sacrifice can I give,
to see a new future born?
What I have witnessed, darkens my vision.
I gouge out my eye to quench your fires,
while birds of prey feast on our sorrows,
and again,
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Eric Blauer I am barbarian, sage, saint, bard, husband and father. Bow my knee to only One, serve all, ruled by none.

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