July 17, 2019 Eric Blauer

Learning about Rebirth & Resurrection through our Community Garden Rebuild

The history and vision of Jacob’s Well Community Garden:

Here are some pictures of the current season’s restoration and rebuild of our garden. We experienced a significant vandalism event two years ago and some volunteer problems that knocked the wind out of our sails and caused us to put the garden on hold for two seasons.

Work in struggling, yet rising communities can be challenging and just like learning that types of death, disease, pests and uncontrollable circumstances are part of gardening, so is it with community development.

But we’ve also learned that rebirth and resurrection are also part of this journey!

These pictures highlight that reality through new relationships and partnerships in the community, reinvigorated garden leadership and the generosity and hard work of many hands and hearts.

We’ve been gardening on this backlot behind our church for over a decade. The vision for the work was born out of the desire to reclaim neglected land and cultivate a garden for beauty, healthy food and meaningful relationships.

Another part of our vision is connected to our friendships and service with the socially marginalized or forgotten, immigrants and refugees in our neighborhood.

We’ve discovered gardening to be another way to build relationships, understanding and joy.

Anyone, rich or poor, can plant a seed and doing it together is an act of hope which is a powerful force for good in the hood!

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