August 12, 2019 Eric Blauer

What is Man?

What is man?

In the first few chapter of Genesis the Bible introduces a handful of men, I took those stories and present them here from a little different angle. I hope that in returning to the book of origins, we might see that these stories are deep and profound sources of meaning for men and those trying to understand them.

Genesis 2:7

“Then the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground. He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person.”:

Genesis is a wild and wondrous book of beginnings and one of the firsts is the forming of human out of humus, man out of mud…Adam out of the soil of the newly created Earth.

Man…shaped and animated with terrestrial ground and celestial wind. A God breathed being, the awakened namer of names who speaks and things are forever declared. The Man who saw first things and spoke of them as He encountered them. A meaning maker, a teller of tales, a creator of descriptions, a speaker of words that still echo through mouths into eternity: “You…are….Lion, Turtle, Chameleon, Eagle, Salmon.” (Gen 2:18-20).

Man…the first born,

first to give birth,

blood from his side,

bone of bone,

flesh of flesh,

Origin, source, place.

The giver of himself…that another might be (Genesis 2:21-25).

Man…the seed carrier, planter, tiller and gatherer.

He who takes one thing and turns it into another,

image bearer…maker. Worker (Genesis 2:15).

Man…first to follow, first to blame, first to see himself, naked, vulnerable, not where he should be, first to know shame, to run, to hide, to cover.

First to know distance, divide, to be sought for.

First to hear: “Where are you?” “Who told you?” (Genesis 3:11-12).

Man…first to touch the Eden within Eden,

the garden within the garden,

to taste the fruit within the fruit.

Lovemaker, supernova rider, origin of the big bang,

epicenter of exploding of life (Genesis 4:1).

Man…first to know displeasure, to worship amiss, bearer of anger’s first ember igniting displeasure, depression and despair.

First to know the downward face of rejection.

First to hear that what you did was not right, to wrestle with repentance, to think of doing something different than you had done.

The first to choose to accept the reality of wrong and either rise to resist that path again, or succumb and let it lead to darker things (Genesis 4:3-7).

Man…life taker, brother hater, murderer…killer.

Blood spiller, discarder of the title of…keeper (Genesis 4:8).

Man…drinker of the cup of betrayal.

First to lose, to be lost, to end.

First Man…to return to the soil.

-This is an excerpt from my sermon: Reclaiming a balanced & biblical vision of Manhood: “Why the Creation Order Matters”

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