December 15, 2020 Eric Blauer

The Political Fight for Trump’s Fallen Crown.

There’s a battle for Trump’s fallen crown and there are various groups that are trying to claim it and others that benefitted from it, are now quickly distancing themselves from it now that Trump failed to secure the election.

Some of these groups are going off on some crazy conspiracy theories, and various apocalyptic scenarios. Unfortunately many of these branches off the conservative political vine are being led or influenced by Christian leaders and evangelical celebrities and other popular online personalities.

The political and pious “prophets” have been “prophesying” and many of their prognostications have been proven false or have failed to materialize at this point. Yet, there seems to be little substantive accountability or countering of theses messages and movements by its own house.

The far left has its own tactics and tacticians.

The new favorite word being used to lump all who voted for Trump into is being called ‘Trumpism’.

But Trumpism(?) is a different beast in my perspective than the platform principled, libertyminded, antiglobalist but not Great Resetism, constitutionalism that many of us who voted for Trump hold.

Failing to delineate this critical difference is at the heart of the continual misread, misunderstanding and mischaracterization of many Trump voters by the media, Republicans and the growing left of center post-conservative evangelicals brigade.

They fail to see that Trump didn’t create a movement, he was a product of a political ideology that’s morphing out of continual failures and fractures of the Republican Party. He harnessed this movement.

But it’s a movement happening in both parties. You see this in the Democrat party with the rise of Congressional Representative AOC and her pack of far left ideologues.

For conservatives there’s a scramble for power and a drive to gather the social and political capital of Trump’s war-chest amassed.

For the Left they want to press for as much ground they can take with thier election victory and strike as hard a blow they can to those who supported Trump and represent a political and social threat to their agendas, values and vision of what they want America to become.

Let’s not forget that there’s a lot of people processing political disappointment right now and many are letting that cloud their reasoning. It’s a vulnerable place to loose a leader in a battle. People are looking wildly around to catch sight of a standard bearer to figure out which way to go and where to regather the conservative troops in this culture war.

71 million people voted for Trump and 75 million voted for Biden.

These numbers reflect the on the ground reality that this battle is going to be a long one with various tides turning, wins and loses, battles won and lost. This culture war hasn’t been declared over by any means. So everyone has to come to grips with the political realities at hand and be very discerning about whose trying to rally people to thier cause.

Rome is always wrestling with Republic Senators, Caesars, or Emperors and of course the ever pressing Barbarian hoards.

Choose wisely.

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